Sunday, 13 August 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! Here's a treat for a Sunday evening . . . Director Joe Dante has gone on record saying, Nothing But The Night is a Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee film, where the magic doesn't work. Personally, I disagree. It's not because i think EVERYTHING that Lee and Cushing did together is wonderful...far from it! The dynamics of their character relationship here is different from what we have seen before, and it's interesting. The script is at time a little slack, but the ending? Yup, that's what is worth waiting for...but you need to go on the journey, follow the story, the experience, of this different dynamic to appreciate the pay off.

MANY CONGRATULATIONS to MARK JAY and RON CANATELLA who have each won a copy of Michael Armstrong's Screenplay Book of 'House Of The Long Shadows'! Thanks to EVERYONE who entered the competition and to Kevin and the Team at Paper Dragon Productions, where you can purchase your own copy too!  RIGHT HERE!

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