Tuesday, 18 July 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY! THE RETURN OF THE PCAS COMPETITION! Here's a unique prize, from a film that was very close to #PETERCUSHING's heart, #THE GHOUL. The photograph is in #MINT condition, has been part of the #PeterCushingAppreciationSociety #Collection since 1975. It's looking for a #NEWHOME. Do you FEEL #LUCKY? Join us on SUNDAY!

..for those who are not familiar with the background to the framed photograph. from #theghoul...

ONE OF THE BONUSES of following our PCASUK FACEBOOK FAN PAGE is it is updated quickly through out the day. #NOT to the point of annoying you, with unwanted posts, but you get the #NEWS #THEVIEWS and certainly competition news there first. HERE are some of the comments from KEEN followers, who can't wait until #GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY to enter the competition: 

TM 'I'M IN!!! Just tell me what I have to do.'

JM: 'OHHHHHHHHH... To be able to own this!! Would be pure magic'.

ML: 'What a wonderful prize!! Looking forward to this competition!'

AB: 'Awesome, can't wait'

MC: 'Oh what a fantastic opportunity to own his signature,you can count me in this as I would be totally overwhelmed to own it.....can you tell he's my favourite actor.'

LB: 'I met him twice and I never asked for his autograph .... it would have been so rude .. my biggest regret... but I had two wonderfully long conversations'

KR: 'This would be a dream to own! I collect autographs some and have been longing to add Cushing to my collection of Wayne Pygram and Stephen Stanton autos! I collect Tarkins and everyone who has portrayed him'

FT: 'I've always wanted his autograph. I have a couple from Lee and one from Price but Cushing's would be awesome sauce'.

DP: Looking forward to the this one what a prize to have a chance to win I'm defo in so excited ..

TM: 'Oh wow! What a prize. I've always absolutely adored the way the Peter Cushing lovingly looks at this photo in the film. From all of his stand out performances, this has always stuck out as very special to me. Please let me know what I have to do to be in with a chance of owning this piece of absolute magic.'

AV: 'How exciting!'

SC: 'If there was one film photograph, I could have Peter Cushing's signature on, it would be The Ghoul. I love that film, and Peter Cushing is so good in it. Sunday, I will be there! Thank you.'

KR: 'Just tell me what l have to do!'

AJ: 'Oh ....this is truly wonderful!!'

KK: ' I'm in. Can't understand why this is up in a competition. Do hope the winner will enjoy this him or herself and not just sell it.

MS: 'I've seen this film so many times and never realized the photos were of his wife. Makes my appreciation of the movie that much more now'.

MC: 'Oh what a fantastic opportunity to own his signature,you can count me in this as I would be totally overwhelmed to own it.....can you tell he's my favourite actor.'

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: HERE IS A GREAT #VINTAGE STILL of #PeterCushing and #ChristopherLee... You can see quite clearly the difference in height between them. No wonder Lee was SO powerful as #Dracula. I also like the #coyness in Lee's face here...we often forget the difference in their ages and experience. Lee was the #BABY in the line up of many of their films together...that soon changed with experience and age though. Still, you can imagine the power of his performance as #DRACULA... I mean, would you pick a #fight with a guy with sharp #teeth and who soooo tall?

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