Monday, 31 July 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: It's a film that is not universally  liked, in a way some of the other Cushing films are or is held in affection like some of the portmanteau films of Amicus, but Amicus films MADHOUSE does have some pretty cool action and scare scenes, presented in the classic scare fashion. It's true there is nothing new in the film, BUT it's the performances of Cushing and Price, and a few red herrings that seal the deal on the climax of the movie, and the ultimate pay-off of who is the Doctor??? PAUL TOOMBES played by Price is we are lead to believe is a sore, washed up loser film star one minute and killer the next... He DOES have some issues, and well he actually did bump off one or two of the ladies..OR DID HE??? #MONSTERMONDAY!

VINCENT PRICE AND PETER CUSHING served up some great set pieces, all with more than a wink to both Prices and and Cushing's past horror films, the chemistry worked a charm with Vinnie and Cushing . .

AS A LITTLE EXTRA, here's is something as a complete contrast, to today's #MONSTER the beautiful Yvonne Monlaur with Peter Cushing on the red carpet, at the premier of The Brides of Dracula on July 4th 1960 . . . 

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