Sunday, 4 June 2017


#GETTHECUSHION: A behind the scenes snap of Peter Cushing and the producers of the film, 'TOP SECRET' (1984) ... and the pose subject matter? I have no idea...! It's film you either love or hate, but most seem to remember Cushing's  'Giant Eye' skit, more than the impressive skills he displayed in making the 'reverse action' and dialogue seamless and convincing!

#GETTHECUSHION! A requested repost for Samantha Eyddes, of Peter Cushing and Vincent Price recording, 'Aliens in the Mind', a radio serial recorded and broadcast by the BBC. Samantha brought up the question, as to why Cushing and Price never got to appear in more work together...? It's a tough one to answer, and probably lies somewhere with, 'Not enough opportunities' and 'Some of films of that particular genre, had small budgets, that wouldn't stretch to hiring both!'. along with, 'We could never find a window of time where they were both free!'... 

HMM, I AM NOT SURE. One would have thought with the amount of time Price spent every year during the late 1960's and 70's in the UK, there should have been something where the two could have worked together. I always thought the lost opportunity in casting Cushing as one of Lionheart's critics, was one of many. To slip Cushing in as the 'Ship Captain' in the second Phibes film, was a tease and more than a bit mean. Cushing's fee per day was around £750 to £1,200 a day, at this time. At those prices, I wonder why he wasn't used more in Phibes, and appear in Theatre of Blood, Cry of the Banshee, and The Oblong Box?

TO BE FAIR, Cushing was pretty busy in 1971 through to 72... he appeared in over a dozen feature films. So maybe it was about timing? Then, thank havens they had time for 'Madhouse', 'Price of Fear', 'Aliens of the Mind' and 'House of the Long Shadows'...!

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