Tuesday, 23 May 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY... Many think that 'Shatter' was Peter Cushing's last appearance with Hammer films... Not at all, back in 1980, Hammer under the guidance of CEO Roy Skeggs produced a great television series entitled, Hammer House of Horror, hour long dramas, all in a contemporary setting.

PETER CUSHING APPEARED in the seventh episode (broadcast on October 25, 1980 ) entitled 'Silent Scream' a twisted little tale that also starred a young Brian Cox and Elaine Donnelly. 

DURING THE WEEK leading up to the broadcast, very little was known about the story of the episode. Hammer were cute in their publicity, all that was released for the press to use in the editorial, was a chilling photograph of Peter Cushing screaming in terror...but at what, we would have to tune in, to find out! Peter gave gave several interviews to newspapers and Sunday supplements, which again ran the photograph.

OVER AT THE PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE we'd interested to hear any thoughts you may have on the episode, how it compared with the other episodes in the series etc... What I do remember of the episode was it was very COOL and even better on DVD in a great little box set!

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