Sunday, 22 January 2017


AS A CHILD, I can remember spending many a Saturday afternoon in my grandmother's bedroom, standing inside her huge wardrobe... pretending it was the #DRWHO Tardis! ..and I wasn't alone, many of my mates did this in wardrobes too!! It all was part of the ritual... like playing Dr Who in the school playground, with the hood up on your anorak, and your left sleeve and arm extended, waving around shouting, 'Exterminate!'... at dinner ladies!

IF ONLY I had known Jason Charles Onion, back then! Because he was more than likely doing the same thing too! As an adult, he is the creator of MAGIC..believe me. Jason, is the guy every Dr Who fan would want as a mate, a buddy...because not only does he have wonderful ideas and schemes..he is a DOER. He puts these ideas into fearless practice. A while ago, to top the many other amazing things he has created, he made a full size, large as life...just like the real thing...TARDIS! Unlike many people who love Dr Who and celebrate and create props and stuffs from the series, he SHARES what he does.

THIS TARDIS...known as the Herne Bay Tardis... (Look up Herne Bay, it's a Oysters left nostril distance from Peter Cushing's home town of Whitstable) has generated THOUSANDS of pounds for charity. How? Jason takes the Tardis out to events, signings, fetes, conventions, sunny days...or even just sets it up on the beach, where folks have their photo taken with it, stare at it nostalgically all glassy eyed...then hand over their money for the good cause...clever eh? Much of what Jason generates donations for, is the BBC charity Children In Need. It's very much like the MD Telethon in the US and raises millions every year, when broadcast for one night on the BBC in November. Now, Dr Who is of course, a BBC programme, so you can see the connection!?

THIS YEAR, Jason has decided to do something VERY different for Children In Need. Jason's Tardis which has generated thousands of pounds over the years, is being AUCTIONED. The response, I am sure will be, HUGE. But, if you ever had the need for a Tardis in your life, now is the time to start selling the cat, your granny and those family heirlooms... it's iconic, it's history, it's's the same tardis that Peter Cushing's Dr Who whizzed around the big screen in.... and it's part of my childhood and maybe yours too? We'll be posting regular up dates about the prep, the last year of public appearances and news right up until NOVEMBER 10th, the actual day of auction! Start saving, help Jason and start sharing..make this an event that will make a difference for many, many children... Watch the short video and give him a LIKE 😉 Thank you 😉 - Marcus


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