Saturday, 5 November 2016



BONFIRE NIGHT! TONIGHT in the UK, being November 5th we celebrate ‪#‎guyfawkes‬ . A quaint olde custom, which marks the thwarted 'Gun Powder Plot, of one Fawkes and his merry band of conspirators and their failed plan to blow up the ‪#‎houseofparliament‬ in London, along with the government of the time. Fawkes was captured and with his friends, there was a 'right old carve up'!! Tonight across the land, as we light roaring bonfires, let off fireworks and raise a glass of warm mulled wine, to Fawkes... please take care. Remember the 'Firework Code', put your pets safe inside your home and have a great I am sure there is someone else who would have loved to have been with you tonight!


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