Tuesday, 1 November 2016


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: MANY THANKS TO ROBIN MCDONALD who has provided two great items for our #TOOCOOLTUESDAY posts.... This artwork was produced as a in joke among the crew of Amicus films 'From Beyond The Grave' with Peter Cushing..the artwork was pinned to the clapper-board during some of the shooting! Robin McDonald, was a clapper operator on many of Peter's films.

AGAIN, MANY THANKS to Robin McDonald who sent us his much treasured cards from Peter Cushing, to share with you. Peter DID so very much love his cuppa tea!!!

IN ROBIN'S WORDS, 'When I worked with Peter towards the end of his life, he hardly ate anything existing mainly on cheese and biscuits, he told me that he talked to his dead wife every day, and told her that he would be with her soon. . . . .It made me very sad and brought tears to my eyes. He was such a lovely man and I miss him. Whilst working on a film with Peter, I think Tales from the Grave, I passed his dressing room and he called out to ask me if the tea trolley had been round, and I told him that he had missed it. I went and made him a cup of tea and took it to his dressing room and he was so grateful, he asked me to sit down with him, whilst he drank it. He opened his heart to me and told me how much he missed Helen.The next day, I received a hand written note from him which I treasure to this day...'

Peter Cushing as the Shop Proprietor in 




  1. Marvellous articles on Peter, such a joy to look at them and read them. any chance you are doing Christopher or Peter design costumes for a competition has i have a fabuolous of one for Christopher lee.

  2. Hi Gail, Thank you for your comments over the past few days. It's always great to read that someone is looking in and enjoying the posts. In know there are many, many people who do, by checking the stats for the sites, but very few comment. Yes, it was very kind of robin to share his memories of Peter and his thank you for Peter. We plan to publish a series of Robin's stories, very soon. So, keep a look out! That's a great idea to have a competition to design costumes for Peter and Christopher Lee!! I will be sure to keep that in mind, when we are looking to set up our next competition. Again, thank you for your kind comments and support. I do see your posts and comments on our site here and at our YOU TUBE channel too. Keep your suggestions and thoughts coming. - Marcus

    1. Thank u Marcus, i think if i didnt see that first dracula film in 1958 i wouldnt admired such great actors like Peter and Christopher, i am still buying there DVDs so far up to date i have 56 of there films featured togther and sometimes on there on. you mention in helping me premote the book i done for them could i have your details to send u by post not email what kind of book it is. many thanks to you and your society and of course Peter and Christopher.


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