Thursday, 1 September 2016


#TBT OUCH! THAT MUST HAVE STUNG, more than a little bit! For our second #THROWBACKTHURSDAY post today, we have dipped into the 1960's Hammer film and Cushing bag, to launch a series of interesting little sequences. The above GIF is from a scene in the 1960 Hammer films, 'CASH ON DEMAND' starring Peter Cushing as Bank manager Fordyce and Andre Morell playing Hepburn, a role he originated in a earlier television version of the story, written by Jacques Gillies, entitled 'The Gold Inside' in 1960, director Quentin Lawrence returned is one of the few films, were Cushing plays a character that takes a body blow, such an event was rare. Which is ironic! If you were to lay out just a sample of some of the slaps, punches and 'nobblings' that Cushing has dealt out over his 92 film career, you would maybe think, that the above was quite justified. But, no one has ever done that. . . . .  until now!

Nope. We didn't crank up the speed on this GIF, that is how the Baron swiftly  handed poor ol Francis Matthews a super-speedy-five-finger-slayer in Hammer films, 'The Revenge of Frankenstein' in 1958. RATING: Impatiant but effective swift side swipe. 7 /10

AGAIN. it's the Baron's work in Hammer films, 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed'. It's eleven years later, but Frankenstein has kept his 'slapping-kit' in order and with assistant Simon Ward on the receiving end, falling away with some creative aftershock dramatics, you can see, Frankenstein still has what it takes. We have added a extra two points to the total score for this one, in regard of Cushing's well known and respected fore-finger agility. The blow is followed by a very nice, Cushing signature note, the pointing forefinger, at Veronica Carlson! 8/10 

AND FINALLY, the one that  is a lesson in true Cushing 'Slap-around-theology'. The TRIPLE BACK HAND FLIP TO FRONT FACE PLOUGHER!  Prof Julian Keeley played by Freddie Jones, does know what has hit him. Cushing's Van Helsing may have been a dab hand at dispensing with Count Dracula and his crowd, but he could also lay into the occasional crack pot too. Not only does Van Helsing give Keeley a right panning, but look at his face too, while he is swaying the slaps! His face expresses total commitment and...he's not a happy chappy at all. Prof Keeley is out of his box, and VH is giving a piece of his mind, and a triple slapping that earns him a glorious thigh slapping 10 /10   

STORIES OF PETER CUSHING'S  generosity to other performers and actors are legendary. Helping a new actor by some well timed words whispered before the camera rolled, the gentle suggestion, nod or kind word. It's great that he also shared and taught some of his slapping skills to fellow performers too . . .  and one pupil archived some wonderful results!


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