Saturday, 17 September 2016


#ONSETSATURDAY : LAST MEETING: Here's a NEW CLIP from our 'The Last Meeting' footage of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee meeting for the last time in 1994. This is a clip is a cracker, were Peter asks Christopher Lee to tell him some of his favourite anecdotes. Lee of course obliges with impressions too! So, here for the last time, Peter giggles at the stories of actor Sir Ralph Richardson, Sir John Gielgud ,Sir Noël Coward...and Chuck Connors!!!! Enjoy. More clips HERE at our PCAS YOU TUBE channel!

#onsetsaturday : Here is quite a commonly seen behind the scenes still from Hammer's 1958 Dracula, but no one ever seems to notice that the 'un-credited actress' playing Valerie Gaunt's aged vampire, is in fact snuggled up all toasty-like with a blanket around her LEGS! The stories of Bray studio's stages being like a arctic winter are well known, the elderly lady was obviously feeling the chill...despite vampires..already being DEAD!

When we interviewed Michael Gough in the early 1990's he remembered the actress quite well shooting her scene, and that she was also shocked and a little upset when she arrived at the studio that morning, having been told, the job was 'no lines playing a sleeping grand-mother'! She wasn't happy at all! But after a comforting cup of tea, decided to carry on...... Hammer were obviously spoiling her..blanket, cups of tea...

#ONSETSATURDAY : STILL ON THE DRACULA THREAD, but minus Peter Cushing and his Van Helsing, here is a rare on set colour transparency shot from Hammer's 'DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE', with actor Ewan Hopper as a 'faith-faltering' Priest, about to resurrect, the 'Lord of the Undead', Dracula who lies just under the ice! One trickle of blood from the holy father's head, is all it's going to take!

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  1. They were the good old days when Christopher and Peter made me laugh so much i never fell off the computer chair because they gave me fits of laughter, Christopher and Peter have the biggest great senses of humour if you are ever sad they used to cheer you up no matter how you felt, they are the best medicine anyway could take and listen to them for hours thanks lads.


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