Wednesday, 14 September 2016


IT IS WEDNESDAY, which means it's #GIMMETHEGIFWEDNESDAY, the impossibly long hashtag link to an invitation to you to request, Cushing clips, on a cycle without sound... presented as a clip of excellence, to be savored over and over. As usual here a just a sample of requests we have received today. If during the following seven days a  clip comes to you in a flash of inspiration, you know what to do! send your request to either our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE or email to Mark it 'GIF REQUEST' and you 'll see it here or at the facebook page next week!

FIRST OF THE BLOCKS comes D. DARREN's request for a clip of Peter doing his soft-shoe shuffle from one of his #MORECAMBEANDWISE guest appearances. What a pity, PC never got more opportunities to show off his tapping size twelves! -Below.

NEXT NICHOLAS JACOB's requested 'the head in a bag' from Cushing's single step into the early slasher scene, 'CORRUPTION' ( 1968) 'head in a bag' makes sound like some 'easy to cook, boil in a bag weight-watcher option'! It's not it's the preamble into what later becomes, 'HEAD IN A FRIDGE'..also nothing remotely connected to culinary skills, other than, it DID involve a KNIFE! - Below

JOANNA PETERSON asked, "Can you guys do one of those wistful stares? I always loved those." Happy to, Joanna. Here is Peter Cushing, doing just that, in the closing moments from, a real downer of an ending, from #frankensteincreatedwoman. Terence Fisher's third installment of the Cushing / Hammer films cycle. 

AND FINALLY, Lexi Conroy wrote to say, ' Let's get a little about the bit from "It Might be You!" where he looks down out the window, to see people doing foolish things in traffic? Nice choice, Lexi! IT MIGHT BE YOU was a short that Peter Cushing made for the Crown Film Unit of the  Ministry of Information in 1946. Cushing's diction is as sharp as the scalpel he would skillfully wield in 'The Curse Of Frankenstein', some ten short years later in 1957. This short dealing with public safety and 'the rules of the highway' in UK post war traffic also starred Peter Madden, who would appear with Peter Cushing in 'Frankenstein Created Woman' and several other classic Hammer films. - Below



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