Monday, 15 August 2016


MANY, MANY THANKS to everyone who has joined our Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page in the last four weeks, making it possible for PCAS to not only HIT the 25 THOUSAND followers mark but, to FLY WAY PAST IT!! To be quite honest with you, I thought I was seeing things, when I glanced at our total followers number. It's a staggering amount of friends and followers for our little society! And not since the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society was first founded in 1956...have so many friends belonged to this society. Peter would have been shocked I am sure!

WE KNOW FROM RECENT EMAILS and messages, PCAS has friends and followers as far away as Moscow, many in Australia, a few thousand in the UK, a huge amount in ALL the states of the USA, we get Hello's from just about every country in Europe, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Brazil, Alaska and Canada.... To you ALL...... Thank you for your many very kind words, comments and continued interest. To those who write our fabulous features, those who send me photographs, cuttings and press reports. The people with their eyes on PC film releases and the many who I have have made friends with here over the past six years....  

We have recently move ALL our video clips, interviews, trailers and media from the M.BROOKS youtube channel to our NEW PCASUK Youtube Channel. We will no longer be updating posts at the M.Brooks channel. Why not give the new channel a visit and maybe subscribe, so you don't miss a thing? HERE 

IT'S ALWAYS A PLEASURE POSTING FOR YOU ALL and I hope to continue for quite some time yet. Here's to the NEXT big Peter Cushing often said, it's time...'STEP OUT!'

Please come join us at our PCASUK facebook fan page
We'd LOVE to meet you! 

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