Tuesday, 16 August 2016


A NEW MICHAEL RIPPER sculpt is in the works from KELLY GODEL. Premièring here at the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society and and at our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE too! Kelly tells us that, 'The previous Michael Ripper figure was inspired by Ripper's character in Hammer films, Scars of Dracula. This is more of a "Tom Bailey" but without the beard (yet)!

Although Kelly is still working on this figure, I could see this one already had all the signs of being just as excellent as his last Michael Ripper, and I think it will being sought after by figure collectors. I Kelly him how would someone go about ordering one?. 'I don't have any selling plans other than if anyone wants one they message contact me--and there are more to come. I can be contacted at, kgodel@show(dot)ca or they can facebook message me.'

I never really saw Michael very often after he retired. Even though when he was working, he always made time for fans and was, in all this attention, an extremely humble man. He admitted he was a little confused and enormously flattered by the interest that his work with Hammer was now receiving. I once joked and said he might be surprised yet, should they erect a statue of him in honour of his work. He smiled and actually blushed! 

During our chatting on facebook today, I mentioned to Kelly that it was great to see this figure was up to his usual excellent standard. And that I was pleased to see he had chosen to make another Michael Ripper figure! Within seconds, Kelly's reply came through on the chat box...it said, 'I haven't forgotten that you said, Michael Ripper would be "over the moon" to have had a statue made of him, so I had to do two!' 

Hmm, I think Michael would have liked that..!


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