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"Hello everyone, my name is Lexi, and I've been a PCAS member for the past 4 years. When away from the Internet, I am a clinical psychology graduate student, and I live in New York.

Living in New York, Whitstable is a bit more than a hop, skip and a jump away, and I figured that I would only ever see it via Internet.  Fortunately, my parents had planned a tour of Europe for this summer, including London.  My parents are not horror movie people, but they are well accustomed to my whims by this point, so they graciously agreed to take half a day out of our schedule and take the train over from London (I sent them off shopping, and they seemed happy).

My description of the rest of the trip follows with the pictures.  I'm thrilled to be able to give back to the Society members by sharing them!  I hope that you all enjoy them, especially if you've never been.  I found it to be a very special place."

Sign marking Cushing's View. This is a very discreet little area and I needed some help finding it.  I asked some locals for help (I'm rubbish with maps) and they actually seemed surprised that I wanted to find something so small!  The older people seemed to be more understanding that it was something special.

The very popular 'Lovers Bench'  which looks out to sea by Keam's Yard, which was donated by Peter Cushing 25 years ago, and installed at 'Cushing's View'

Me, on the bench, to give an idea of its scale.  Very cosy and just right for two people to cuddle up together on, which I imagine was Peter's point. The little brass plaque on the bench reads : Presented By Helen And Peter Cushing Who Love Whitstable and It's People So Very Much. 1990.

Views from the bench. I think the bottom one, might be the Oystery?  I sat here for about 20 minutes and people watched.  A wonderful, calm spot and the weather was gorgeous.  It was very meaningful to me to experience the View as I imagine Peter wanted people to enjoy it.

The Tudor Tea Rooms.  Another place that was quietly tucked away, although I was able to find it myself. Very small inside but they seem to do a brisk business.

Inside the Tudor Tea Rooms, Peter's plaque, which is attached to the post right next to his table. Teared up a bit here.

Me, at the table, with a bit of the restaurant behind.  I had imagined Peter setting up court in a corner booth, but this is a very small table wedged right in the middle of everything!  Maybe he felt more "normal" doing it that way?  I also talked to the cashier about the significance of my trip.  She said that Peter had been at her wedding, that he was "a lovely older gentleman," and that he was just as wonderful as I had always heard.

The large picture over the Peter Cushing Pub's bar.  I wish I had taken more pictures here, alas!  The bartenders were both very friendly, knowledgeable about the town, and set me up with a delicious cider.

Peter's house. Took me a little while to find this one--I had to cut down a few side roads and eventually ended up on the beach, which the house runs alongside.  I can't tell if it's currently occupied.

I (and my parents, who amused themselves with other things) had a fantastic time. Everyone we met was helpful and friendly, and it's a beautiful town.  Thank you for providing the map, Marcus (I did my best with it!) and for sharing in my joy when I messaged you while I was there.  I hope you and everyone else enjoy these pictures.

EVERY SATURDAY HERE AND AT PETER CUSHING APPRECIATION SOCIETY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE #ONSETSATURDAY Pics from the sets and behind the scenes on Peter Cushing films. there's a new feature coming up NEXT!

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