Saturday, 16 July 2016


#ONTHESETSATURDAY: We have a couple of choice behind the scenes and on set photographs and rare colour transparencies for you this week. A little different this time around, I would like you to tell US which film these great snaps come from, and of course the only thing they really have in common, is they are all from Peter Cushing films. HAVE FUN!

TO FINISH OFF...This is one of my all-time personal favourite 'behind the scenes' photographs from a Peter Cushing film! It's wonderfully busy, a real slice of life from the set of Hammer film at lovely ol Bray studios... Peter Cushing compares notes and script with director Terence Fisher, while an assistant to wardrobe mistress Rosemary Burrows,quickly fixes a stitch or seam on the belt of Cushing's waist coat, while actor Thorley Walters stops and pauses to rethink that line of dialogue... actress Susan Denberg wanders by, playing with her bonnet!.... absolutely charming!

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