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THERE'S A WORRY SELECTION of bodies popping up throughout a small suburb of Paris..and they all have their throats torn out! Police surgeon, Peter Cushing suspects something is a foot..or paw! Tyburn films, Legend of the Werewolf is one of a pair of films that neatly brought the Brit Horror Era to a close. Cushing made both Legend and The Ghoul with director, Freddie Francis. Kevin Francis, son of Fred was CEO of Tyburn, and looked at one point to have the winning formula to keep the Brit Fantasy Flick alive.

The Making Of Legend Of The Werewolf
Behind the Scenes Photographs, Script and Interviews HERE! SOON!

ALAS, THE SHIP had already left the dock and was sailing for tastes a new, splashed with gore, serial killers and mayhem. 'Legend', 'The Ghoul' and Cushing bring a certain dignity to the screen. A class of film, that would soon vanish from our screens.

IN THE CLIP ABOVE, Cushing is joined by Roy Castle. A performer who in the past had been a one man, dancing, singing, musician entertainer who had a vast experience of performing in variety, on both stage and tv. Castle appeared with Cushing in two other films, 'Dr Terrors House of Horrors' and 'Dr Who and the Daleks' both for Amicus films, who at one time were the only real competition to Hammer films. The Dr Who film was Amicus in all but name. Cushing and Castle knew each other well enough, to bounce and feed each other in their two scenes in 'Werewolf', and bring a certain black comedy-vaudeville to the film.

'LEGEND' WAS IN PART, a Tony (Hammer Films) Hinds script, which Kevin Francis added to. The two characters in this clip, funnily enough, do not appear in the first draft of the script! The film has a very neat cast, even Michael Ripper, credited as a 'Sewer Man', gets to re-enact his look of horror, first seen in Hammer films 'The Mummy' with Cushing and Lee back in 1959! Ron Moody plays the lovely scruffy ol zoo keeper, David Rintoul, the doomed Etoile, Lynn Dalby is a sensitive love interest, but Renee Houston in her last screen performance before her death in 1980, as Chou-Chou and Hugh Griffith as Maestro Pamponi, almost steal the show.

This film at the time of writing, still is without a dvd release.


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