Monday, 20 June 2016


THIS WEEKS #MONSTERMONDAY features what is maybe not the fastest monster on two legs, but he's pretty effective at squeezing the living daylights out of Barry Morses, Bruno thread bare tailor! Without giving too much away, 'The Weird Tailor' story in Amicus films, 'Asylum' is a sort of spin on the old  chestnut of W.W.Jacob's ghost story, 'The Monkey's Paw', but with that extra 'Amicus' twist.

ONCE AGAIN, Peter Cushing gets to play a grief stricken and bereaved individual for Amicus, Mr Smith. This was the second 'a role too close to life?' for Cushing on the  big screen in as many years, with his Grimsdyke in 'Tales from the Crypt', being the first. His Dr Lawrence in Tyburn's 'THE GHOUL' would be the final performance, with cast and crew witnessing fragile Cushing's emotional melt down on set, it may have been a bridge too far.

AGAIN MAKE UP ARTIST Roy Ashton, provided the monster make up. In an interview with us in 1984, Ashton admitted that coming up with a convincing make up for Otto, was a challenge. As with the majority of assignments with amicis, ashton found himself with little to nothing for developing a make up, and even less in the way of time on the studio floor, after applying the make up to actually maintain it. Otto's appearance isn't the best of Ashton's work, but along with actor Daniel Johns efforts, it does the job.

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