Friday, 17 June 2016


OUR NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL is now open, and here is a recent upload and a clip that was shared on our Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page yesterday, for our #throwbackthursday post.

IT'S PETER CUSHING in the rarely seen film, Mystery on Monster Island (1980) loosely based on a Jules Verne novel and co-starring Terence Stamp....... It wasn't so  well received at the time, and certainly makes you think about who the producers were aiming this film at? For the kids, this was a miss. The special effects are quite dated, when you think families had been treated to the wonders of Indiana Jones and Star Wars sequels around this time. As you can see from the screen cap below, we are back in the land of At The Earth's Core-men-in-suits-monsters, and the whole film seems likely inspired by the Kevin Conner/John Dark monster-fantasy productions that began with THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (1975) and ended with WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS (1978). BUT we do have Cushing, it's brief, but as usual even this late in his career...classy and he LOOK good too, take a look at  his script below, and again we see his knowledgeable hand in the choices of costume and  his props.

Ian Sera (Jeff Morgan), Terence Stamp (Taskinar/Skinner), Peter Cushing (William T. Kolderup), David Hatton (Thomas Artelect), Gasphar Ipua (Carefinatu), Blanca Estrada (Dominique Blanchard), Ana Obregon (Meg), Frank Brana (Birling), Paul Naschy (Flynt), Gerard Tichy (Captain Turkott)
Directed by Juan Piquer Simon.

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