Tuesday, 7 June 2016


SO HERE WE ARE . .  It's been a whole year since the day we woke, to the terrible sad news that, the last remaining figure head of a 'Golden Age', had left us. The towering talent that was, Christopher Lee had gone.

FOR WEEKS afterwards, tributes, television specials and features filled the media, and for many it was sudden realisation, like looking from the top of a mountain, and seeing this vast spread, a different coloured landscape... THE huge and prolific career, of Christopher Lee!

OVER THE DAYS, fans revisited films, youtube clips, watched reruns of his movies on tv, posted stories on facebook of meeting him, autographs collected were shared, other actors, friends and people within the industry shared their stories too. WE posted photographs and banners, interviews and long lost tv appearances, but it was still hard weeks later, come Christmas..and no video festive message!

I HAVE A GROUP OF FREINDS who aren't 'into' the genre and some of the films, we celebrate here, but they too found themselves, 'digging out' and watching not just the Lee classics, but his lesser known tv work too, in an attempt to find out for themselves, 'what WAS the allure of this actor?'....some were pleasantly surprised!

AND THAT IS WHERE we are today. I would loved to hear, if you have 'gone digging' too? Have you over the last year revisited some Christopher Lee favourites..OR have you strayed further a field and discovered something you knew nothing about too, a film he appeared in you hadn't seen before and enjoyed??? I'd LOVE to know. He may not be physically with us now, but there will always be a thread, a post, a banner, a clip...always time to celebrate, the one and only... never to be replaced, Christopher Lee...right here!


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