Wednesday, 18 May 2016


FOLLOWING ON from our previous post of GIFS here and at the PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE one GIF in particular has promoted some enquiries. The GIF from Hammer's Captain Clegg / Night Creatures, illustrates the shot where after the reveal of the Captain's TRUE identity, he tries to make a dash for it. This involved the charector climbing onto the pulpit and taking a leap at a near by over head light-fitting, to swing over the heads of the congregation and make his escape!  Despite some theories about this stunt being performed by a stuntman, because producer Anthony Hinds and the film's insurance would not have taken the risk in their lead risking an accident... we find, Peter Cushing indeed get his wish...and performed the stunt....!

It's an easy mistake to make! The  common trick and practice of editors and directors, was to show an actor with a rope, or chain whatever, about to leap...and then just as they moved to make that leap,  the shot was followed by long shot HAD to be a long distance shot, in order to show the actual stunt, and this worked well to hide the replacing of the actor with a suitably dressed stunt man, so the shot it didn't look out of place.. But audiences soon wised up to this practice. In this case, they followed the formula and the long shot hid the fact that it was Cushing performing the stunt.

BUT WHILE WE ARE ON THE THEME OF STUNTMEN, here are just three unsung heroes, who often stood in for Peter and Christopher Lee through out their careers. Above JOCK EASTON, and below Eddie Powell. Peter Munt, Fred Haggety in the light suit and Peter's driver and stand in Paddy Smith.

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