Monday, 9 May 2016


#MONSTERMONDAY: Not probably someone who instantly comes to mind, when you think of 'monsters'... but he deserves the title alright... SPOILERS: Meet the brilliant, yet quite batty and lethal, Professor Julian Keeley (a delightfully dotty Freddie Jones) who appears briefly, yet ever so effectively. in the Lee and Cushing last Hammer Dracula film, The Satanic Rites of Dracula' (1973)

Keeley, friend of Cushing's Van Helsing, has been commissioned by Lee's Dracula (Mr D.D. Denham anyone?) and his dastardly Satanic cult made up of wealthy businessmen and powerful politicians, to create a virulent new strain of bubonic plague which could wipe out all mankind....and the carrier chosen for the taks being, Van Helsing's very own Grandaughter, Jessica Van Helsing (Joanna Lumley). He's quite dedicated! Mad as a bucket of frogs. He does evoke some sympathy at first, until to realise, death, decay, disease and doom, are his idea of a very good night out! Evil to the core... corrupted and terrified, sure but still A Monster...and that's why we have chosen him as this Monday's Monster! How does the Plague Propagating Professor rate in your Monster stakes? A Nice Guy Just Wacko OR MONSTER?

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