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Peter Wilton Cushing was born on the morning of MONDAY 26th May 1913, at 'Ormandy', Godstone Road, Kenley, Surrey, father George Edward Cushing and mother, Nellie Maria Cushing. Peter's father was a quantity surveyor and Nellie was the daughter of a carpet merchant.

Little Peter had an elder brother, David, three years his senior. It appears that mother Nellie had her heart set on having a girl. 'Wanting 'one of each' she had mitigated any disappointment in my arrival by dressing me in girls frocks!', Cushing recalled..'allowing my hair to grow in long curls, tied with a pink ribbon. Eventually, 'father exerted his gentle authority' ... and Peter was more appropriately attired! .....All of that, began so long ago.

Peter Wilton Cushing ' ...long curls, tied with a pink ribbon'. 
Aged just two in 1915.

THE CUSHING FAMILY: from bottom to top, David Cushing, Peter's older brother, Mother: Nellie Maria Cushing, Father George Edward Cushing and a young Peter Cushing at the top! This photograph was taken in the garden of 'Clearview', an Art Deco house on St James Road, Purley, Surrey, Peter's father, a quantity surveyor built the house in the year this photograph was taken, 1926.

This is 'Clearview' as it looks TODAY!, An Art Deco house on St James Road, Purley, Surrey. Peter's father, George a quantity surveyor built the house in 1926. It was recently for sale last year!

Today, we REMEMBER and CELEBRATE. Happy Birthday, PETER CUSHING!

YESTERDAY we  reached another milestone at our Peter Cushing Facebook Fan Page TWENTY TWO THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!  You are most welcome to join us. Just CLICK HERE

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  1. I always was late with birthdays. A very thorough write up on Peter. And it's Mr Lee and Mr Price today. What a trio they were.much missed.


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