Wednesday, 18 May 2016


HERE'S ANOTHER GALLERY of great moments plucked from some of Peter Cushing's classic films with live links to features and vintage galleries on the film the gif was taken from, at our website.

PETER CUSHING in  full on Errol Flynn mode, swinging across the head of his congregation in Hammer films, 'CAPTAIN CLEGG' aka 'NIGHT CREATURES' (1962)

PETER CUSHING as Gustav Weil gives this Collinson twin the chop, in Hammer films, 'TWINS OF EVIL' (1971)

A FILM FULL of scuffles! Hammer films 'The Evil of Frankenstein' (1964) has Cushing hanging off curtains, swinging on ropes, fighting fires . . never one to shy away from the opportunity to do some swash and buckle, Cushing gives it his all! There's a whole gallery of beautiful colour transparenciesand stills to be found in our feature, if you CLICK right HERE! 

A LOOK of exasperation captured beautifully from the BBC series, Sherlock Holmes starring Peter Cushing in the title role and Nigel Stock as Dr Watson. This episode 'THE BLUE CARBUNCLE' is one of the better ones of the few that still survive. Appearing with Cushing in this scene is Australian actress Madge Ryan in the role of Lady Morcar.

ANOTHER FINE SCUFFLE! This time Cushing's Van Helsing wrestles with actress Freda Jackson in her role as Greta in Hammer films, 'THE BRIDES OF DRACULA' (1960) 

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