Saturday, 23 April 2016


It's 400 years ago today, that as Shakespeare, ' shufflel'd off this mortall coile...!' an often quoted line from his 1602 crowd puller, 'Hamlet'. And it's his drama, Hamlet that also provides our Cushing Connection! As many of you may know, Peter Cushing to great success, played Osric in the 1948 Olivier film production, see pic above!. Cushing was no stranger to Shakespeare, having tackled many a role while touring with the Olivier company and in several productions during the 1930's and 40's.

In fact, had not fate intervened, playing several of Shakespeare's characters in a production entitled 'Heritage of Horror' would probably have been his swan-song. Unfortunately, it was a real 'Shakespearian tragedy' that Tyburn and Kevin Francis, could not secure the funding. Peter even grew a beard in preparation for the role, and maintained it until his final day... just as in Shakespeare's time, today some 400 years on, financing drama is in the hands of... '...cream faced loons..' Tis a pity. Rest easy Will . . .

Peter and Helen Cushing, Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh arrive at Freemantle, Australia with the Old Vic Theatre Company....during their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1948.... they performed Shakespeare's Richard III and Sheridan's 'School for Scandal'.... (A: Helen Cushing B: Peter Cushing C: Laurence Olivier.


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