Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Over at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE it's #whoisthat?wednesday / whereisthat?wednesday and we're having some fun with this mystery pic. Feel free to come on over if you know the answer...and if you don't I'll be posting the identity of the lady on the right and where her and Vincent Price are located in a few hours. The answer will be added to this post shortly after the reveal on the facebook book fan page.

‪#‎whoisthat‬?wednesday ‪#‎whereisthat‬?wednesday Here's Vincent Price, being charming with a flower...! What a cad! The question is, who is that with him? AND are they standing at a Garden Centre?? This is a fun photograph, when we reveal the'll never believe it! Answer in a few hours,unless, you crack it before!


EARLIER today we asked you who is that girl posing with VINCENT PRICE and WHERE are they??? Most of you identified the girl as actress UTA LEVKA, she played the nurse in Amicus films, Scream and Scream Again (1970) She also turned up in some pics we shared with you two weeks ago, of Vincent and Christopher Lee at Madame Tussauds in London, doing some Halloween publicity for the same film!

The location, believe it or not, was the headquarters of Amicus films at Shepperton studios. Amicus never actually owned a studio, they just rented out studio space, when they were in production with a new film. So, everything..meetings, writing, plotting..happened at Shepperton, but in the sheds!! 

Weird when you look at the offices of Hammer films, at HAMMER HOUSE in the heart of the industry on Wardour Street, London. Hammer did eventually move out . but Milton remained in his shed-offices from the beginning of the inception of Amicus in the early 60's until it all wrapped in the late 70's. To be fair, Milton did work a lot from his office at home, and we were lucky enough to interview him there, but when Milton said, he could cut costs, and put the money on the screen... we now know how he did that!! wink emoticon Well done all who got this one correct

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