Monday, 14 March 2016


And so, we start the week with our usual throwing a spotlight on a 'monster, creation, thing!' featured in a film of your choosing. This week's unthinkable, comes with it's reputation stamped firmly on the title of the film, in which it appeared... A Monster from Hell, the poster screamed. The monster, being the latest creation of Peter Cushing's Baron Frankenstein in his last outing as the Baron for Hammer films in 1974. As always, this feature is a request feature and also appears on our interactive thread on our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.. and Tim Johnson, has requested 'The Monster'...with the suggestion that we open this one also for a fair debate!

Tim feels Dave Prowse's role as the unfortunate creature, has been under valued, not given fair, that sounded good to me. So, I will post some cool pics of Dave as the 'Monster' in this thread, also share this post, as always on the website...and maybe you would like to share YOUR opinion... on this week's MONSTER? 'FEAR FILLED or FLOP?' A Trip to HELL? or A WALK in the Park? Did Dave Prose's MONSTER DO IT for you?

Many ask, 'Why the rubber mask and suit? Had Hammer not leaned from their mistakes with Kiwi Kingston in 'The Evil of Frankenstein'? Make up man, Eddie Knight, was faced with a dilemma. Knight also had make up duties on the previous Hammer / Cushing Frankenstein film, before this one, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. A problem with full body monsters in limited budget films, is time. Make up artist, Roy Ashton kin his interviews with PCAS always pressed the point, that many make ups could have been so much better had they given him more time. Time to research, prepare and on the actual studio floor during shooting. When it came to shooting Monster From Hell, it was decided to opt for the mask and suit...just like in Evil of Frankenstein...that would take as little time as possible to put on, apply and maintain during the days shooting. It may not have been the best make up, but it was the best solution...


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