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Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing: The Last Meeting. Cushing and Lee talk about Hammer Films regular, character actor Miles Malleson and their time working with him during the making of Hammer films, 'Dracula' (1958) and 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' (1959)


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Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee: The Last Meeting Clip 2
The second in a series of clips of the last time Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee met, posted here and shared in features and articles on our various internet platforms. The occasion was the recording of a voice over at a small recording studio in Canterbury, Kent, UK for a documentary about Hammer films, called Flesh and Blood, that was later screened in two parts on the BBC. Part two was broadcast just two days after Peter Cushing's death on Thursday August 11, 1994. We post the clips under the title of 'ONE LAST TIME' part a nod to the cameos that both Cushing and Lee played in a film entitled 'One More Time' as a favour to Hammer fan and friend, Sammy Davis jr. 

The unedited footage runs at approx one hour. Over the next two years, we will edit clips and share them. We are sensitive to anything within the footage that compromises confidentiality. The footage was shot with both Cushing and Lee's consent. Enjoy this last and rare moment, feel free to leave a comment or click a like, if you feel happy to and please come see us at any of our links below. You will be most welcome!

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