Monday, 1 February 2016


It's MONDAY. It's MONSTERMONDAY! Every week, we ask you to request a 'monster' for us to feature in a gallery at our website. This MONDAY, it's a request from TRACEY WOODWARD from Birmingham, UK.Tracey says, "Pictures please of the lady with the Snake head! And Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. And my favourite Dr Who too, Patrick Troughton! Did you know the actress who played the Gorgon in this Hammer film, was a ballet dancer, Prudence Hymen? She was really beautiful when she was a young dancer. I wonder why Hammer picked her?? Thank you in advance. Best wishes, keep up the great work, Tracey"....

Thank YOU Tracey. Here's your gallery AND there's much more in an extension of this feature posted at the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE... in the next hour. If YOU have a REQUEST for a MonsterMonday, drop us a line!

Well, her she is in all her glory... Prudence Hyman, in her dancing days...and in a reference photograph belonging to the make up artist on the film, Roy Ashton. I am not sure why Hammer choose Prudence, but I do have some recollection of Roy telling me, it was something the props guys had in mind, in connection with how the Gorgon would move on camera...she had to float and have grace. So, they hired a dancer! There is for those who are not aware of it, a whole back story of misfires and trial and error, in regard of the Gorgon's look in this film...and those troublesome snakes...!

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