Monday, 15 February 2016


#MONSTERMONDAY: How does a blob of porridge mixed with frogs spawn, with a vacuum cleaner attachment sticking out of it, become frightening??? Answer: When it has the power to suck every bone out of your body and leave you looking like a deflated fat suit!! Of course we are talking about the wonderful SILICATES from Peter Cushing's 1967 film, ISLAND OF TERROR, this weeks chosen and requested Monster of Choice from Pauline Taylor. Take a peep down this thread to see why, the SILICATES probably come some where between the DALEKS and 'those fried egg thingies' from Peter's other sci fi outing of the sixties 'Night of the Big Heat' in the Top Ten Charting of things that make you go ... AGGGH! The Silicates, how do they rate with you?

The SILICATE, more powerful sucking power than an army of DYNOROD drain unblockers, with the power to DRAIN five SIX McDonald THICK SHAKES in less than a minute!

The SILICATE also comes with an amazing versatile and strong flexi arm. Able with considerable ease to wrap itself around the struggling victim, hold with a vice-like grip, and aid the 'super slurping activities'  until the unfortunate is as empty as a disguarded ice cream cone. 

Cushing is great in Island of Terror, but when he is paired with Eddie Byrne, they work so well together. Bryne also appeared in Hammer films The Mummy with Cushing, and does a sound job of representing solid trustworthy characters like detectives, policemen...all is well when Bryne is on the screen, you know you were in good hands. That lovely Irish lilt in his voice, guaranteed him a safe place in a production that needed an everyman with reliability. Yup, if you are surround by blobs on casters, with a nasty line in 'eating habits' couldn't do better than have a man like Eddie on your team!

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