Sunday, 24 January 2016


We have a bit of a Dr Who thing going on at the facebook fan page today.. so let's continue with that thread and this lovely old ad from TV 21 comic from 31st July 1965. The hight of Dalekmania! I remember having that Dalek badge...and maybe that push along plastic Dalek too. Did any of you own Dalek toys and novelties during the 1960's???

We have posted some of these pages before, but they are such a great example of retro publicity, I often get requests to repost them here or at the facebook Fan Page. Below, the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the Summer of 1965, an Inflatable Dalek of my own....and the Dalek jigsaw puzzle. All of of this was on offer and dangled like a carrot, hanging on the naming of the one thing we pretended to be, in our playground antics at school... the cooler than cool.. RED DALEK!

The children's plastic Dalek costume looks a bit shabby now, but back in the day, Berwick's Red Dalek outfit was the bees knees! These too were often given away in competitions. I guess the absolute dream ticket was to own the suit AND the jigsaw, and to able to piece the jigsaw together, whilst wearing the suit!

And as for the chances of winning one of the THREE much coveted Sugar Puffs Movie Daleks, one could only dream!

It's frightening to think we once sold candy to children in the shape of cigarettes back in the 60's...but we did.. Noddy Sweet Cigarettes, Thunderbirds too...what is also weird is the ingredients on this packet...E- numbers I am sure have been left off, but look at the first ingredient...??? A lump of petrified forest with your candy contraband, sonny??

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