Monday, 25 January 2016


REQUESTED! We are never short of requests, photographs and features to post, sometimes it gets a little busy with competitions to schedule and features, so we drop a regular feature for a while. But following quite a few enquiries about  '#Monster Monday'... by your request, I am sure you'll be pleased to hear, today, we are bringing it back! So, please send us your requests for images and photographs of your favourite monsters, creations and stuffs from the bowels of hell! It's great if it's is a monster from a Cushing film, but this time around, we are extending it to ANY monster...from ANY film. Let's expand our knowledge of nasties!

Remember, this is your website. I am very grateful for any suggestions for features, requests or photographs...anything you think would make our page extra special. So, your MONSTERS please! We'll pick the best for today and the following Monday's.


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