Saturday, 26 December 2015


CHRISTMAS WITH THE CUSHING'S 1#: During times of 'resting' Peter made some earnings by decorating head scarves. Something that was part of his many hobbies became a source of income in the mid 1940' such headscarf he discovered was owned by one of the Royal family! The one we feature here was featured in many magazines, it was one of the most decorated...which her eventually presented to his wife, Helen as a Christmas gift in 1946.. Below Peter and Helen with THAT headscarf..and the note that accompanier that gift, Christmas 1946....

CHRISTMAS WITH THE CUSHING'S 2#: It's Christmas 1956 and this year along with Peter's traditional skilfully hand crafted Christmas card, Helen gets another one via the Midland Bank...with no doubt a Christmas cheque! The inscription reads, in Peter's hand : 'To my darling Helen from your most loving Peter' the envelope is inscribed 'For Darling Helen'...

CHRISTMAS WITH THE CUSHING'S 3#: Peter's hand crafted cards for Helen were quite a work of art. Her Birthday's, their anniversary, her return home from a trip away or as in this case, Christmas ... Helen would be presented with another of her husband's exceptional beautiful cards.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE CUSHING'S 4#: Again Peter Cushing applied his skills to making beautiful jewellery, in this case a pair of earrings which he again gifted to his wife, Helen.

TRIVIA: Peter Cushing give up most of his many hobbies after the passing of his wife in 1971. He did however make bracelets for both actresses, Joanna Lumley and Ingrid Pitt. Lumley starred as Cushing's Grand daughter, Jessica Van Helsing in Hammer's 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' and  Ingrid who also became a good friend of Helen Cushing, co starred with Cushing in 'The Vampire Lovers' and 'The House That Dripped Blood'.

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