Monday, 17 August 2015


Please join us in wishing SHANE BRIANT a very Happy Birthday Today! Shane's Cushing connection is of course his role as the young Dr. Simon Helder in Hammer film's, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974), with Peter Cushing, Madleine Smith and Dave Prowse. Cushing's last Frankenstein and director Terence Fishers last film, he also appeared in several other Hammer films Straight On Til Morning, Demons Of The Mind, and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter.

Shane has been keeping busy recently filming in Indonesia for the tv series 'Serangoon Road' and 'Gallipoli'... plus there are his books, for which he has won much acclaim. He writes a good horror! Worth looking them up. Shane played one of Cushing's more interesting assistants in Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell... not afraid to get his hands bloody! and had some very good scenes with Cushing...and I think, he helped the Frankenstein series go out with a lot of dignity! Happy Birthday, Shane!


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