Sunday, 30 November 2014


Peter Cushing as Dr Austin Sloper in the stage play, 'The Heiress' and some pages from his personal script. As always written annotations, pointers and notes here about personal props, costume..some of the items were belonged Peter Cushing himself.

During it's run at the Horseshoe Theatre, Basingstoke from 21st October until November 1st 1975, The Heiress played to full houses. Cushing stated at the time that the few weeks he had spent with the production were the happiest he had experience since Helen's passing in 1971.

Helen Ryan who also starred in the production remembers, 'Peter was wonderful, super in the play, but he was so terribly nervous. The play opened at 7.30pm and Peter would be at the theatre three hours beforehand to check his props and costume!' Before this engagement, Cushing had often stated that his 'legitimate theatre' days, were well behind him...

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