Saturday, 22 November 2014


We love to offer you great prizes in our competitions. We love it when you win. We love it even more when you message us to tell us how please you are with your prizes! Here are two pics and messages from recent PCASUK Competition I received this morning, that I thought you'd like to see...

JOHN COOPER (top pic) John was one of two winners of our PCASUK Halloween Competition..who bagged Shock Entertainment's 13 blu ray box set of Hammer Film Classics! Here's what he says, 'HAMMER TIME. A big thank you to Marcus and Shock Entertainment for this fantastic prize. Anyone who does not have these as individual titles should buy this as it is beautifully put together. You can just see behind my model of Cushing and Lee fighting to the death over who gets to watch the films with me !'

BENJAMIN ROSTANCE was first prize winner of our 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell' competition which we launched with the help of Hammer films, The Horror Channel and Fetch Publicity. Ben won an exclusive set of lobby cards personally signed to him from co star SHANE BRIANT and a copy of the Hammer film blu ray, starring Peter Cushing, Shane Briant and Madeline Smith.. Here's what Ben said this morning: ' MY PRIZES! THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!! And they are AWESOME! Haha! I'm super chuffed with these lobby cards! Now I need to get some cool frames and have these on display amongst my film collection! THANK YOU!!!'

YOU TOO can be a winner! There is just over THREE HOURS to go before our 'ISLAND OF TERROR' competition closes. There are TWO copies of Odeon Entertainment's superb blu ray release up as prizes. So, get your entry in now! Good Luck!


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