Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Here's an informative, helpful and honest review from Guido Henkel of the Blue Underground blu ray and dvd release of Peter Cushing's 'SHOCK WAVES', due for release November 25, 2014. Please follow link at bottom of feature.

'Cool, incredibly scary and very imaginative, the film is now presented with a brand new high definition transfer that has been taken from the only surviving elements. Shot on a minuscule budget on 16mm, the transfer does exhibit some grain, of course, as a result of the original source material. The amount of grain depends from shot to shot. While some are almost free of it, others are truly riddled with it, as difficult lighting conditions put their strain on the technically limiting 16mm film stock. I am very glad, however, that Blue Underground resisted the urge to digitally scrub the film and instead opted to present the movie exactly the way it was originally produced, grain and all. Not only does it keep the film’s integrity intact, but it also plays on its artistic sensibilities because the grain gives “Shock Waves” a certain gritty look that perfectly fits the movie, adding to its qualities...'

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