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We have our WINNERS! Picked out of the hat, just two hours ago....Congratulations PAULA T (USA) and E Passmore (Australia)! Your blu rays of 'Captain Clegg are on their way! Many thanks to the guys at Final Cut Entertainment for generously providing our prizes

NOW... here are the questions and answers to the competition. How did you do?

1: WHO wrote the DR SYN novels? Please give their full name, the year and date they were born.
Answer: Arthur Russell Thorndike, born 6 February 1885

2: This author also had a famous SISTER. Please name her. Answer: Dame Agnes Sybil Thorndike

3: What is the FULL name of DR SYN?
Answer: Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn

4: What was the FIRST DR SYN novel was called? What Year was it published and who were they publishing company?
Answer: Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh, published in 1915 by Nelson Press

5:The author of the DR SYN novels was also an actor. One of his last performances was in a film that also starred PETER CUSHING. NAME that film.
Answer: Hamlet (1948)

6: CAPTAIN CLEGG was released as part of a HAMMER FILM DOUBLE BILL in 1961. NAME the film that SHARED the billing. 
Answer: The Phantom of the Opera

7: DR CLEGG's producer was John Temple Smith. He was also the chairman of a small film company. NAME that film company.
Answer: Major Productions

8: When Anthony Hinds adapted the DR SYN script for Hammer Films, DR BLYSS wasn't his only name for the Captain he intended for the Captain...Which other name did he have in mind?
Answer: Dr Arne

9: WHEN did CAPTAIN CLEGG commence production? Tuesday 29th March.. Thursday 4th Feb.. Monday 25th September.. Monday 4th August..
Answer: Monday 25th September

Answer: Fifth

11: During the shooting of CAPTAIN CLEGG, OLIVER REED had an accident while driving his car, but he carried on not only shooting on CAPTAIN CLEGG but also doing some of his own stunt work. Did he break his: A) LEGG? B) FOOT? C) SHOULDER? Or D) HAND? 
Answer: Shoulder

12: DAVID LODGE played the BOSON in CAPTAIN CLEGG. Lodge is probably better known for his comedy work with Spike Mulligan and Peter Sellers. Which  FILM connects both Milligan and Peter Cushing?
Answer: Suspect (1960)t

13: Which Hammer film crew member was responsible for throwing the HARPOON, off camera, into CAPTAIN CLEGG’S/ Peter Cushing back? A) Peter Graham Scott B) Les Bowie C) Ian Scoones D) Tilley Day
Answer: Ian Scoones

14: Make Up Artist, ROY ASHTON not only worked on Hammer films CAPTAIN CLEGG in 1961, but also worked on the first production of the DR SYN story in 1937 for Gaumount Pictures. TRUE or FALSE 
Answer: True

15: During the making of CAPTAIN CLEGG Peter Cushing presented Hammer films’ script writer Anthony Hinds with a script and treatment for a DR SYN Hammer films sequel. The script was based on the second and third novels, Dr Syn on the High Seas and Dr Syn Returns. Cushing’s script was dated July 1961 and had a working title of a) Dr Syn, The Quality of Mercy ? b) Dr Syn : Wild Justice ? c) Dr Syn : Waiting Revenge ?
Answer: ANY of these three titles would be considered correct, as Cushing had all all THREE titles in pencil with title Dr Syn on his script!

16: Actor Patrick Allen played Captain Collier in CAPTAIN CLEGG. He had previously appeared in another Hammer film. Name the film and the character he played.
Answer: 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger', Peter Carter.

That's it! Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition, it wasn't any easy one, for sure. Join Us THIS WEEK for our 'SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW: PETER CUSHING Competition! With THREE copies of 'The Peter Cushing Scapbook' up for grabs!

You can Purchase YOUR copy of CAPTAIN CLEGG BLU RAY

You can purchase YOUR copy of The Peter Cushing Scapbook 

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