Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I gave 'THE DOOR' story from Amicus films' 'From Beyond The Grave', several viewings last week. I truly believe, that in a film that was stuffed to the gills with excellent performances and stories, had it been part of say, Torture Garden or Vault of Horror, it would have got the recognition, it so truly deserves as a fine piece of cinema.

Superb cinematography from Alan Hume, with some clever in camera illusions, the 'Blue Room' set from Bert Davey, Simon Wakefield and Maurice Carter. Jack Watson as the chilling Sir Michael Sinclair and Lesley-Anne Down and Ian Ogilvy as young couple, the Seaton's are believable and really get into their roles in limited time span of a short story. I really wish Subotsky had developed this one into a full 90 minute feature. Along with Cushing's 'Poetic Justice' from Tales from the Crypt... this one is one of the jewels in the Amicus crown and looks beautiful! Anyone agree with me?

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  1. This movie is one of my favourits because of the beautifully light effects in the blue room scenes. A real piece of craftsmanship. Colored spotlights (when the sun moves from left to right while shining through the window) and atmospheric set building, that's all they needed back then in the seventies.

    Greetz from Corwil from Belgium


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