Wednesday, 1 January 2014


It's 1972 and Christopher Lee has come to the end of his rope. In his opinion, stumbling around drafty old churches, clinging to flimsy plots and trapped by type casting, was not what he had in mind, when he signed on the dotted line to play Dracula for Hammer Films, some twenty years previously. But the Horror film loving public and media still want more.

Dracula AD 1972, also starring Peter Cushing making his return as Van Helsing, was in the final stages of production, and a little pre release publicity was called for. Probably as per contract, Lee was called on for a photo shoot for a series of snaps that would be published in the then, nations favourite 'red top tabloid' The Daily Mirror newspaper, featuring female models. Two versions of the snaps would be taken, one with silky top garments, and one without, guaranteeing exposure, as all tabloids at the time gave page space to 'anything' with long legs and ample piept. As you can see from these 'exposures' Lee was a little testy. But the photographer, along with Lee's nerves, just happily kept snapping. It made page three and Hammer Films turned one more page towards their final chapter.....

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  1. Christopher and Peter to me are very important as i admire there performances on film and love the way they performance, i haven't seen such great acting for a very long time, at least with there fanclub groups here on facebook keeps them alive and not forgotten.i will always remember them in my memories and heart/soul.


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