Monday, 30 December 2013


It's been a very good year for 'nice' things landing on the hall mat. But this morning a gentle thud, brought a wonderful surprise! Your host has often wondered, why hasn't anyone ever pulled together all the 'best of' photographs from Hammer 'Dracula' movies and plopped them all together in one book? Good quality printing, not that awful blocky, cheap printed, pixelated mess, just full page publicity stills, colour, black and white, no duplicating or doubling up of images, and don't spare the rare ones either!... a lovely way of bringing them all together. A tall order, you'd think? Well, Hajime Ishida has met the challenge and done just that. It's a 'thing of beauty! All NINE Hammer Dracula films are here in half, quarter and full page photographs. You'll be pleased to hear, Peter Cushing is very well represented too. It's a winner! It's 96 pages of 'what you want'! I've attached a link to Hajime's 'Monsterzine' facebook page. So, do yourself a favour and place an order for what is indeed, this years Christmas Cracker! Thank You, Hajime ! A job very well done indeed!


  1. I have this book. It is a fantastic book ! If you a fan of Chrisopher Lee and Peter Cushing, this will be a treasure!

  2. Lovely photos of Christopher lee and Peter Cushing its a great big delight to see them especially the large ones.


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